About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Manasi Arya, and I am an elementary Art Teacher and artist! I have been creating art for as long as I can remember because my mother is an artist. She shared her love of art with me, so I grew up with an appreciation for painting and creating! 

I grew up taking all of the traditional art classes like charcoal, still life, pottery, etc., and in fact, I was in an accelerated art program in elementary school. Unfortunately, as I continued my education, I didn't have the opportunity to take art classes beyond elementary school. 

I started my art account in May of 2019 after I graduated college to hold myself accountable to keep creating and a place to share my older creations. It wasn't until quarantine that I finally had time to finish all the art projects I had lined up. I started to experiment more and post more, which got some attention on social media! From there, I got an iPad, started digital art to create myself a logo, and opened up an Etsy shop! With months of trial and error, I grew my page and sell stickers, prints, paintings, and denim jackets that empower women, South Asians, and people of color!  

As an Indian American, I grew up confused with my identities. I felt like I was living two separate lives: one in school and one at home. I felt like I didn't belong at school because I could never do the things my friends did. Being a classical Kathak dancer, I hid a huge part of my life and who I was because I didn't want to be made fun of at school. I wish that high school Manasi had a person on social media to look up to,  an artist creating art that combined her two identities. And that is why I am here :) To bring the representation, I wish I had growing up about taboo topics like beauty standards, self-love, and more. I love talking about my experiences growing up as a first-generation American and the oldest child in an immigrant family. 

My art is me and represents my identities of being South Asian, woman, sister, daughter, and more. Creating stickers, prints, paintings, denim jackets, clothing, and more is the simplest way for us to embrace our culture and background! Thank you for being here and supporting me! I wouldn't get to celebrate my dreams without you :) Feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me! I love talking to y'all!