Custom Denim Jackets

If you would like a custom denim jacket, please fill out this form in full detail (preferably a list of everything you want in the jacket)! All denim jackets are made to order and are Levi's denim jackets. If you want to send me a jacket, we can do that as well. I can paint a Men's, Women's, toddler jacket, etc. 

I have created many jackets in the past that you can choose from or I can create a brand new one for you! I will email you with a quote and timeline in about a week! Prices vary based on detail but will be $230+. If you want a similar jacket that is already in my collection with a few major change or an additional quote/name, the price will be added on to the original price. 

Thank you :)

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a staple in everyone's wardrobe but what better way to showcase your culture and personality than with a custom painted denim jacket! Here are a few I have created but I am always down to work together to create a piece that is unique to YOU!